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Booth #1 - PUMC Booth #2 - Xelpov Surgical Booth #3 - Dominion Aesthetics Booth #4 - Abbott Nutrition Booth #6 - Accuvein and Skinuva Booth #7 - Symplast Booth #8 - Enova Illumination Booth #9 - Apyx Medical Booth #10 & 11 - MICRINS Booth #12 - Available Booth #14 - Available Booth #16 - Allergan Aesthetics an AbbVie Company Booth #18 - Microaire Surgical Instruments Booth #19 - Newmedical Technology, Inc. Booth #20 - Galatea Surgical, Inc. Booth #27 - IDEAL IMPLANT INCORPORATED Booth #28 - The Aesthetic Society Booth #29 - TouchMD Booth #30 - CAREstream America Booth #31 - Numiere Booth #32 - Doctor’s Toy Store Booth #5 - Sientra


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Booth #4

Abbott Nutrition
3300 Stelzer Rd.
Columbus, OH 43219
Contact: Perry Morgan and Angela Hamilton
Tel: (614) 747-5728
Email: perry.morgan@abbott.com

Product: As a leader in nutrition science, Abbott Nutrition supports plastic surgeons with Juven. Which is an over the counter, targeted amino acid nutrition therapy. Juven is clinically shown to support incision and surgery healing by enhancing internal collagen production.

Booth #6

AccuVein Logo

3243 Route 112
Medford, NY 11763

Contact: Jeff Snider
Tel: (631)367-0393 Ext: 207
Email: mgaleano@accuvein.com

Product: AccuVein vein visualization technology helps improve aesthetic procedures by providing better vein visibility. The AccuVein AV500, a non -contact, lightweight, portable vein illumination device, provides a road map of the patient’s vasculature on the surface of the skin. The ability to visualize a patient’s unique anatomy facilitates vein avoidance with refined needle placement to minimize bruising during injectable procedures. It also helps in sclerotherapy procedures to identify feeder veins so the source of spider vein cluster can be treated.

Booth #16

Allergan Aesthetics an AbbVie company
2525 Dupont Drive
Irvine, CA 92612
Tel: (714) 246-4500
Fax: (714) 246-4791

Product: At Allergan Aesthetics, an AbbVie company, we develop, manufacture, and market a portfolio of leading aesthetics brands and products. Our aesthetics portfolio includes facial injectables, body contouring, plastics, skin care, and more.

With our own research and development function focused on driving innovation in aesthetics, we’re committed to providing the most comprehensive science-based product offering available.

For more information, visit www.AllerganAesthetics.com.

Baker Gordon welcomes in-person representative Ken Murgia Murgia.Ken@allergan.com

Joining Baker Gordon Virtually are:

Todd Curry

Darren Miller

Chris Lucas

Booth #9

Apyx Medical Logo

Apyx Medical
5115 Ulmerton Rd.
Clearwater, FL 33760
Contact: Stacy Duffield
Tel: (800) 537-2790
Fax: (800) 323-1640
Email: customer.service@apyxmedical.com

Product: Allergan Medical offers the most comprehensive, science-based, aesthetic product offerings, including BOTOX® Cosmetic; hyaluronic acid and collagen-based dermal fillers and LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%, Juvederm, Vivite, SkinMedica, Natrelle Implants, Vectra, Seri. Allergan Medical also offers the industry’s widest range of silicone gel-filled and saline-filled breast implant options for reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery.

Booth #30

CAREstream America
200 Technology Park Suite 1040
Lake Mary, FL 32746
Tel (855) 892-3872
Fax: (407) 960-2758
Email: info@carestreamamerica.com

Product: CAREstream America is the premier distributor of cutting-edge aesthetic devices and solutions. Our patient controlled Pro-Nox is a 50/50 Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen analgesia system that relieves procedure pain and anxiety within a few short breaths. Pair that with any reconstructive or enhancement tools for the ultimate patient experience. Like the FDA cleared SteriLock microneedling system or the Slimspec by Medspec, acoustic radial wave therapy. Our Body Jet line features two innovative models that use the Wal method for gentle lipo-contouring and lipofilling. Improve your patient experience by utilizing Vein Viewer Flex for hands-free, HD vein illumination. Preview our complete portfolio by visiting our website, www.carestreamamerica.com

Booth #32

Doctor’s Toy Store
2512 S. W. 30th Avenue
Pembroke Park, FL 33009
Contact: Rob Raymond
Tel: (954) 457-0075
Fax: (954) 454-3916
Email: rob.raymond@drstoystore.com

Product: Doctor’s Toy Store is the leader in buying, selling previously enjoyed medical equipment and repairs. Doctors Toy Store services worldwide with our showroom in Pembroke Park, Florida. Surgical microscopes, Hyfrecators, Electrosurgical units, Cosmetic lasers, Patient monitors, Ultrasounds, Sterilizers, Surgical instruments, Rigid scopes, Flexible scopes, Defibrillators, Microdermabrasion, Surgical lights, power chairs, Cryo Guns

Booth #3

Dominion Aesthetics
14950 Heathrow Forest Pkwy. Suite 190
Houston, TX 77032
Contact: Christian Bloomgren
Tel: (713) 724-0238
Email: cbloomgren@dominionaesthetic.com

Product: EON, created by Dominion Aesthetic Technology, is a FDA-cleared 1064 nm laser system used for external non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen. No part of the device directly touches the patient, making EON unique in its class. There are no disposables or treatment applicators. The device’s treatment head combines a laser, which heats adipose tissue to a temperature of approximately 42 C to 51 C to induce apoptosis, with its breakthrough jet impingement skin cooling technology, which protects the skin and maintains patient comfort. The treatment head is driven by a proprietary, microprocessor-controlled articulated robotic arm that delivers consistent, reproducible passes of the treatment head over the designated treatment area. This ensures maximum efficacy and removes the inconsistency and time-consuming operator application seen in other body contouring devices.

Booth #8

Enova Illumination Logo

Enova Illumination
1717 Broadway St. NE
Minneapolis, MN  55413
Contact: Michael Chuinard
Tel: (651) 286-1162
Fax: (651) 344-0583
Email: bgreen@goenova.com

Product: Enova Illumination is the leading manufacturer of premium headlight products for all types of procedures with illumination from 60,000 to 250,000 lux. Enova also offers a new premium line of custom through-the-lens loupes. Our products are designed to offer light weight, comfortable, durable magnification and lighting options. At Enova we strive for the best customer service and are dedicated to enhancing and enlightening the world with life-changing vision and illumination technologies.

Booth #20

Galatea Surgical, Inc. Logo

Galatea Surgical, Inc.
99 Hayden Avenue, Suite 360
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: Mike Clancy
Tel: (941)387-4543
Fax: (941)357-8084
Email: m.clancy@galateasurgical.com

Product: Tepha, Inc. is a medical device firm pursuing the development and commercialization of innovative products based on the Company’s proprietary biomaterial technology. The technology provides a new class of absorbable biomaterials, known as polyhydroxyalkanoates (a.k.a. PHAs), which may be tailored to meet unmet needs for medical devices in multiple fields. Tepha’s novel, biosynthetically produced materials offer superior performance in flexibility, elasticity, and biocompatibility; and, for its fiber-based products, excellent tensile strength and strength retention.

TephaFLEX®  polymer is the first of the company’s PHA materials to be used in FDA cleared medical devices. Products made from TephaFLEX® polymer include surgical suture, surgical mesh, surgical film, and a composite mesh. Devices that are currently in development could lead to more complex products, including devices for anterior cruciate ligament repair, intracardiac defect closure, and absorbable cardiovascular stents.

Booth #27

Ideal Implant Incorporated Logo

14881 Quorum Drive, Suite 925
Dallas, TX 75254
Contact: Hunter Fairchild
Tel: (214) 212-6483
Email: hfairchild@idealimplant.com

Product: Compare the natural feel of IDEAL IMPLANT to silicone gel. Now, there are THREE types of implants: saline, silicone gel and structured. The IDEAL IMPLANT structured breast implant looks good and feels natural. The 8year FDA trial data shows lower capsule contracture and rupture/deflation rates than other implants.

Booth #10 & #11

28438 Ballard Drive
Lake Forest, IL 60045
Contact: Bern Teitz
Tel: (847) 549-1410
Fax: (847) 549-1510
Email: bern@micrins.com

Product: The MICRINS product line features over 3000 different instruments and accessories for Aesthetic Surgery. The MICRINS armamentarium has just the right instrument that you will need to do any Aesthetic surgical procedure. MICRINS Razor Edge scissors feature a lifetime edge guarantee. MICRINS offers the Rohrich Facelift set, The Rohrich Rhinoplasty set and the Rohrich Blepharoplasty set. New this year is our Razor Edge Stuzin Facelift Scissors. We will also be featuring our SMOOTH FLOW cannula for fat harvesting and injection. MICRINS is your #1 choice for quality surgical instrumentation. Make a point to stop by our booth to say hello and to see what’s new.

Booth #18

Microaire Surgical Instruments
3590 Grand Forks Boulevard
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Contact: Theresa Johnson
Tel: (434) 975-8000
Fax: (434) 975-4144
Email: theresaj@microaire.com

Product: Microaire Aesthetics, a world leader in aesthetic plastic surgery, produces the (PAL®) LipoSculptor™ (power assisted lipoplasty); Endotine® bioabsorbable multi-point fixation devices for cosmetic facial procedures; and LipoFilter™ high-volume fat filtration and harvesting systems. MicroAire Aesthetics also makes EpiCut™ (epithelium tissue removal), and SurgiWire™ (subcutaneous dissection). For more information, please visit microaire.com

Booth #19

Newmedical Technology, Inc.
310 Era Drive
Northbrook, IL 60062
Contact: Patty Radwanski/Lisa Massaad
Tel: (440) 212-0998
Fax: (847) 412-1001
Email: patty.radwanski@newmedical.com

Product Description: Newmedical Technology, Inc. is a medical manufacturing company specializing in post-procedure care, including products for scar prevention and management, topical and oral treatments for bruising and swelling, and absorbent dressings. Silagen Scar Refinement System, our physician-exclusive brand, offers a wide variety of scar solutions, including a silicone gel, a silicone gel + SPF30 as well as sheeting and shapes. The Silagen Rapid Recovery System features an arnica/bromelain oral supplement and topical arnica/vitamin K gel.

Booth #31

Numiere Logo

1835 E. Hallandale Beach Blvd.
Hallandale, FL 33009
Contact: Hila Halliva
Tel: (786) 766-0828
Email: Ehrcgroup@gmail.com

Product: We specialize in promoting healthy, non-invasive Drug-free, FDA – approved solutions for skin care and pain relief.

Booth #1

PUMC 40 year badge

Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants (PUMC)
1455 W. Redondo Beach Blvd.,
Gardena, CA 90247
Contact: Customer Service
Tel: 1-800-272-8436
Email: pumcgw@pumc.com

Company Description
Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultant is a full-service digital (Internet) marketing company. A partial list of services includes:


Website Design

Website Performance


Marketing Strategies

BONUS! Session Offered to Baker Gordon Attendee
Online Cosmetic Medicine Staff Sales Tune-Up for BG attendee’s staff

Learn more about this specially discounted Zoom training!

Booth #5

420 South Fairview Ave. Suite 200
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Contact: Sue Woodring
Tel: (805) 562-3500
Fax: (805) 562-8401
Email: sue.woodring@sientra.com

Product: Sientra is a medical aesthetics company that offers differentiated breast implants, breast tissue expanders, as well as BIOCORNEUM (scar management) and miraDry (FDA cleared device to reduce underarm sweat, odor, and hair.

Booth #6

SkinUva Logo

113 N. San Vicente Blvd. Suite 6
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Contact: Helen Quinoy
Tel: (310)873-3912
Email: kaitlin@skinuva.com

Product: The Skinuva line of Growth Factor-based products was founded by Dr. Christopher Zoulmalan, a Board-Certified Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon.

Booth #7

Symplast Logo

205 SW 84 Ave
Plantation, FL 33324
Tel: (844) 796-7527
Email: hello@symplast.com

Product: Symplast, the #1 Mobile Electronic Health Records & Patient Management Solution, delivers the 21st century solution that aesthetics and med spas have been waiting for. Symplast is an all-in-one, HIPAA compliant, cross-platform, true cloud-based system for managing your entire practice. Symplast allows providers to access their practice from anywhere, at any time, on any device with the click of a button.

Booth #28

The Aesthetic Society
11262 Monarch Street
Garden Grove, CA 92841
Contact: Sue Dykema
Tel: (562) 799-2356
Fax: (562) 799-1098
Email: sue@surgery.org

Product: Long at the forefront of aesthetic surgery education, The Aesthetic Society offers a wide array of educational opportunities and services designed specifically to help its members build and grow their practices. Stop by our booth to learn about membership, programs, and the upcoming “The Aesthetic Meeting 2021 (April 29-May 3) in Boston, MA. Join us for demonstrations on accessing the Aesthetic Surgery Journal through the RADAR Resource. For more information on The Aesthetic Society visit TheAestheticSociety.org.

Booth #29

TouchMD Logo

99 N. Main St, # 7
Cedar City, UT 84720
Contact: Chris Orchard
Tel: (435) 867-0077
Email: devin@touchmd.com

Product: TouchMD is a visual consultation, marketing and imaging software utilizing touchscreen technology that enhances the patient experience with proven revenue generation.

Booth #2

Xelpov Surgical
5330 Keswick Ct.
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
Contact: Fahad Naeem
Tel: (586) 554-3787
Email: fahad.naeem@xelpovsurgical.com

Product: XELPOV SURGICAL is known synonymous with high quality, efficient service and close correspondence with its customers. The Commitment to excellence has allowed us to establish our customer base in strategic and vital surgical hubs globally. In addition to cost-effective products designed to meet the needs of your business, there are many other reasons to choose Xelpov Surgical.

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