Thomas Baker, MD and James Stuzin, MD thank you for your support and contributions to Baker Gordon Educational Symposium. We are grateful for the many years you have attended!

30+ Years

Schuyler C. Metlis, M.D., F.A.C.S.Schuyler C. Metlis, M.D., F.A.C.S. (35+ years)
“I leave the meeting every year with 2 or 3 new techniques or “tricks” that improve the care I provide to my patients. Thanks.”
-Schuyler Metlis MD

Michael Storch, MDMichael Storch, MD (30+ years)
“Actually, I’ve participated in almost every Baker Gordon Symposium since 1973 when I was a general surgery resident at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami. Over the years I have come to realize how incredibly valuable these symposia have been to me. The closed circuit televised surgical procedures, done by the recognized authorities and experts in each field, have proven to be an invaluable part of my continuing education and “refinement of my craft”. I’ve incorporated many of the techniques observed and ideas learned into my own surgery and practice. The lectures and discussions have always been clear, informative and lively.

Of course, the relaxed, friendly setting, and the chance to meet and socialize with the “experts”, colleagues, and long-time friends also contributes tremendously to the overall experience and enjoyment.
I can honestly say that the Baker Gordon Symposia I have attended over these past thirty plus years have been the single greatest educational resource to me in my practice.

I look forward to this 50th Baker Gordon Symposia, and many more in the future.

With my deepest thanks and appreciation to Dr. Baker, Dr. Gordon, Dr. Stuzin and their truly amazing staff, very sincerely, Michael Storch, MD”


Jeffrey Wisnicki, MDJeffrey Wisnicki, MD (30+ years)
“The meeting has always been a wonderful mix of the didactic and the practical. You get to see how easily (or not) ideas relayed in a lecture that morning are applied in the O.R. that afternoon. With the exception of my honeymoon, I haven’t missed a meeting in 29 years… (My wife just wouldn’t have understood.)”


Basim Matti, MD Basim Matti, MD (30+ years)
“I am delighted to say that for the last 30 years I have been coming to Miami every year. I have always enjoyed this meeting and I think it is one of the best meetings in the world. It is like a pilgrimage for me to come to Miami to learn and see friends and to enjoy the weather. Thanks to Tom and James and all the people who have participated in this meeting. We are so grateful for your efforts and we also have so much gratitude for all the hard work you put into this meeting. I look forward to seeing you again next year for the 50th anniversary. As ever, there is always something to learn and treasure. With my sincere regards and see you soon.”


Fred Barr MD FACSFred Barr MD FACS (30+ years)
“Thank you Drs. Baker and Gordon for being my mentors – and aesthetic guiding light! Standing on the shoulders of these two giants has truly been an unshakeable foundation and blessing for me!”

Tom Walek, MDTom Walek, MD
“For many years this meeting has been my excuse to escape to South Florida for a few days. I see old friends who have also made the meeting a tradition as well as those who are changing the specialty. The interaction of presenters and those who attend has always been what made this meeting worthwhile for me.”


Michael Wojtanowski, MDMichael Wojtanowski, MD (35 Years)


Daniel Man, MD
Daniel Man, MD (34 years)



25+ Years

Dr. Edmundo HenriquezDr. Edmundo Henriquez (Caracas Venezuela)
“I have been attending this meeting since the eighties when it was held at the University of Miami. All surgeries where live and preformed by the faculty . In my experience is the NUMBER ONE meeting in plastic surgery by far. That’s because every of the few hot subjects is discussed in detail and from the point of view off several panelists (the best of the best) and demonstrated in the afternoon with live dialogues during surgery. When the symposium comes to an end you feel you are up to date in plastic surgery.”


Leo R. McCafferty, MDLeo R. McCafferty, MD (29 Years)
“My first Baker Gordon Symposium was in February 1986 as a first-year plastic surgery resident at the University of Miami. Doctors Baker and Gordon were always so gracious and welcoming to the residents! Dr Stuzin has done a magnificent job carrying on the tradition of this great symposium.

I was so impressed with the educational program, the openness of the faculty and attendees to share knowledge on the practice of aesthetic surgery. Often I learned as much during the spectacular lunches as I did during the educational sessions.

I have returned every year-except when the Steelers have played in the Super Bowl. Why? Because there is something magical about hearing the lectures, then watching the surgery and finally picking the brains of the experts during the relaxed social gatherings.

Miami in February is a beautiful place to learn and relax with friends. It continues to be a highlight of my year and I always return with something useful, valuable and most of all practical relating to my practice of aesthetic surgery. ”


Robin Sykes, MDRobin Sykes, MD (28 years)


20+ Years

Sam Gershenbaum, MDSam Gershenbaum, MD
“The Baker Gordon Symposium has been a much anticipated yearly meeting that I have attended for 23 years. Doctors Baker, Gordon and Stuzin, who I had also had the honor to rotate with in residency, have been directly and indirectly great mentors for me. This prestigious conference, along with the faculty speakers and other great surgeons who I have met over the years have greatly shaped and influenced my practice and career in a most positive way.”

Clifford P. Clark III, M.D. Clifford P. Clark III, M.D.
“I have been attending the Baker Gordon Symposium for over 22 years. There is no doubt about it, the symposium has greatly contributed to my success as an aesthetic surgeon. The symposium has consistently demonstrated great insight into the emerging trends in plastic surgery and recruited its thought leaders to help guide the practicing plastic surgeon.

Every year though interactive surgical demonstration and vigorous panel discussions the cutting edge concepts and procedures have been both demonstrated and critiqued. You can’t fool the audience at the symposium, and to be asked to operate there, many surgeons have said, was a highlight of their career.

Many thanks to Tom Baker, Howard Gordon and Jim Stuzin. We will look forward to the next 50 years.”

Todd Koch, MDTodd Koch, MD (20 years)


15+ Years

George Sanders, MDGeorge Sanders, MD (15 years)
“Timely topics, beautifully explored by means of lecture and surgical video, insightful questions from Dr. Baker and other faculty, all delivered in a most delightful atmosphere of collegiality. I have consistently learned more from this meeting each year than from all of the other meetings combined. Thanks for making it possible, Tom!”


Dr. William KanterDr. William Kanter (15 years)
“The Baker and Gordon Symposium has been a fantastic meeting and source of information for the aesthetic surgeon for many years. The format they pioneered with live surgery by leaders in the field in addition to lectures helped make the meeting a gold standard of education in aesthetic plastic surgery. Drs. Baker and Gordon, and now Drs. Stuzin and Rohrich and the many excellent faculty members they invite continue to keep us informed about important advances in our field and the direction it is heading. This is a terrific resource for the practicing plastic surgeon not to be missed which is why I have come back year after year. Thanks for the continuing education!”


Jose Garri, MDJose Garri, MD (16 years)
Roxanne Johnson-Giebink, MDRoxanne Johnson-Giebink, MD (15+ years)


10+ Years

Don Hause, MDDon Hause, MD (10+ years)
“There is no finer example of selfless dedication, ingenuity, intellectual honesty and integrity within our profession than that exemplified by Drs. Baker, Gordon and Stuzin. Their contributions are iconic and have made all of us better Plastic Surgeons. Their colleagues and our patients should forever be grateful for what they have taught and shared with us all.
I look forward to seeing everybody. All the best, Don Hause MD.”


F. Jorge Gonzalez, MDF. Jorge Gonzalez, MD (10+ years)
“The Baker and Gordon meeting is one of the best symposium in the US, it had helped me modify and change the way to practice cosmetic surgery.”

Edward Bednar, M.D.Edward Bednar, M.D. (10+ years)
“The Baker Gordon Symposium was the seminal cosmetic surgery live event and remains the Gold Standard even after fifty years. The faculty roster over the fifty years could serve as the template for a Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Dr. Baker, Gordon and Stuzin.”

Jeff Darrow, MDJeff Darrow, MD (10+ years)
“Each Symposium has its unique flavor, supplied by the invited faculty, by their lively exchanges. These free exchanges provides an excellent “point/counter point” which is always insightful, current and frequently humorous. I’ve enjoyed each year I’ve attended and plan on attending yearly.”

William Shuffett, MDWilliam Shuffett, MD (11 years)
I have enjoyed the Baker Gordon meeting immensely over the years and it has contributed in a positive way to my practice. I always leave the symposium with several helpful “pearls”.

Tsutomu Mizuno, M.DTsutomu Mizuno, M.D (10+ years)
“I shall be conducting the 50th Baker Gordon Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery in 2016.

I had attended the 36th Symposium in 2002. At that time, I was rather impressed by the brilliant lectures and live surgeries conducted during this symposium. I was unable to comprehend all of the contents of the lecture because of my poor English-language skills, but I interestingly watched the various live surgeries. I have continued to attend this wonderful symposium every year since then, and so far, I have attended 13 of them. Besides the painstaking long-distance travel from Japan to Miami, the United States, I have been considerably interested in this cosmetic surgery symposium. The recent development of cosmetic surgery in Asia, including Japan, South Korea, and China, is remarkable. Moreover, this symposium would generate the required knowledge and techniques for Asian doctors.

I am proud of my participation in the symposium, because my name was listed along with the famous surgeons in the physician’s roster of the brochure that was distributed to the attendees.

I hope this symposium will be successfully conducted, with further development, as part of the milestone celebration of its 50th anniversary.”

Eric Okamoto, M.D.Eric Okamoto, M.D. (10+ years)
“The Baker-Gordon meeting has consistently offered a nice balance of cutting edge methods vs. proven strategies for those interested in all phases of aesthetic plastic surgery. The learning format is weighted towards live surgery and videos, which are great tools for visual learners like me. From my perspective it is the best cosmetic meeting offered annually. I have never left disappointed and always look forward to the next year.”

Bruce R. Barton, M.D.Bruce R. Barton, MD
“This Symposium is year after year the finest example of excellence in surgical education. It is the original ‘no spin zone’ of live plastic surgery in the company of our international colleagues.”



5+ Years and Less

Ken Rose, MDKen Rose, MD (5+ years)
“The Best, and Most Useful, Aesthetic Conference. An Amazing Learning Experience.”

Malcolm Rude, MDMalcolm Rude, MD (6 years)
“The Baker Gordon Symposium is the one meeting that I always make time for because I have found it uniquely candid. I learn things that positively change my practice every year. I look forward to this coming meeting.”

Abraham S. Marcadis, MDAbraham S. Marcadis, MD (8+ Years)
“I have been attending continuously for the past 8 years but before that I attended about every other year. My first meeting was many years ago. Probably the 26th annual Baker Gordon symposium in 1992. Being the first symposium to do live procedures has made The Baker Gordon symposium unique among all the other meetings I have attended.

I have found Baker Gordon Symposium the best resource to add valuable and useful techniques for my patients benefit. The Baker Gordon Symposium has definitely changed my practice of plastic surgery over the years and has kept me current with new procedures and ideas. I have adapted many of the techniques into my procedures. ”

Carlos L. Moreno-Pineda, MDCarlos L. Moreno-Pineda, MD (5+ Years)
“Is my pleasure to assist the Symposium every year that I’m able to. Last year it was impossible to me to assist. As a foreign Plastic Surgeon (Venezuelan) it is always enriching to meet such a great professional team. There is always something more interesting that motivates you to come to the symposium. The excellence of the organizing committee. The quality of the exhibitors. And the consistency of the new techniques after review through the years. It is a gathering of people of all the Americas. ”

Samuel N Pearl MDSamuel N Pearl MD
“I have now been in private practice for 30 years and can say unequivocally, that consistently, the Baker Gordon Symposium is the best plastic surgery meeting in the world for cosmetic plastic surgeons. Thank you! Happy New Year to all!”

Jerome Edelstein, MDJerome Edelstein, MD (8+ years)
“I have attended the Baker Gordon Symposium more times than any other conference. I find the live surgery, coupled with the intimate environment, is very conducive to my educational needs.”

Fred Weniger, MDFred Weniger, MD
“The Baker Gordon Symposium is a meeting that I make as often as I can. The live surgery, the audience participation and Q&A, and the excellent faculty make for a great educational program. Over the years, the meeting has had a big impact on my practice habits as the state-of-the-art in plastic surgery has evolved. Besides that, who wouldn’t want to spend a long winter weekend in Miami?”

Paul Parker, MDPaul Parker, MD
“I have found the Baker Gordon Symposium to be the best meeting I attend year in and year out. I like the concentrated focus on several relevant topics, the quality of the presenters and the way in which Drs. Stuzin and Rohrich pin the presenters down on specifics. Drs. Stuzin and Rohrich’s sense of humor also makes learning at the meeting fun. Each year, I typically return from the meeting with several very useful modifications of what I have been doing. I find the meeting enjoyable and time well spent.”

Michael Zwicklbauer, MDMichael Zwicklbauer, MD
“Baker Gordon is my favorite meeting of all; for the honesty and approachability of the faculty. The opportunity to discuss surgery one on one with world renown surgeons inspires me to always plan a trip to Miami if it doesn’t conflict with family obligations.”

Diane Colgan, MDDiane Colgan, MD (8 years)
“The Baker Gordon Symposium is unparalleled in advancing the field of cosmetic surgery. The live surgery, candid discourse and review of previous year results are highly educational and refreshing. For the surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery this meeting is an excellent educational experience.”

Brian Reedy, MDBrian Reedy, MD (5 years)

Mark Gold, MDMark Gold, MD (4 years)

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