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The 49th Baker Gordon Symposium on Cosmetic Surgery will focus on examining the artistic nuances which define superior outcomes in cosmetic surgery. From our perspective, with the current trends in internet marketing and social media, it can be difficult to delineate not only who is an expert, but what are the elements of expertise that produce consistent outcomes and beautiful results. While the factors of training, experience, aesthetic judgment and technical precision all are involved in creating consistent results, in our opinion, superior outcomes are characterized by both elegance and subtlety.

The theme of this year’s meeting is to explore the subtleties of nuance that separate good results from great results in aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, body and cosmetic medicine.

To help us explore the nuances of aesthetic surgery, we have scheduled five live surgery demonstrations, including:

  • Extended Smas Face And Neck Technique With Lipo Filling
  • Breast Augmentation, Including Combining Implants
  • With Lipo Filling To Enhance Breast Contour
  • Minimal Incision Percutaneous Mastopexy
  • Tumescent Face Lift

We will also have interactive video demonstrations of:

  • Advances In Periorbital And Autologous Fat Grafting To The Face
  • Injecting Deep Volume And Fine Line Fillers For Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

And video demonstrations of techniques in:

  • Platysmaplasty
  • Transaxillary Breast Augmentation
  • Technical Refinements In Abdominoplasty And Brachioplasty
  • Open Rhinoplasty

The KEYNOTE SPEAKER for the 49th Baker Gordon Symposium is Dr. Ronald Gruber from Oakland, California. Dr. Gruber is widely regarded for his pioneer work in open rhinoplasty technique, and he will share with us his approaches to mastering the nuances of open rhinoplasty over his 30 year career.

Also included in this year’s symposium will be video vignettes from previous Baker Gordon faculty to demonstrate the nuances and key technical factors of open rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and face lifting. Surgery vignettes from Drs. Dennis Hammond, G. Patrick Maxwell, Foad Nahai, Constantino Mendieta, Simeon Wall, Jr., Jack Gunter, Bahman Guyuron, Dean Toriumi, Patrick Tonnard and Rodney Rohrich will be featured. It is our hope that highlighting the various technical approaches to specific problems from both this year’s faculty, contrasted with what has been previously demonstrated at our meeting, will allow our audience a broad overview as to the various methods available to approach problems in aesthetic surgery.

In the tradition of the Baker Gordon Symposium, we have limited our faculty in an attempt to allow focus on interactive interchange between faculty, hosts and audience. The tradition of combining academic didactics with live demonstrations by masters in plastic surgery has always been the hallmark of the Baker Gordon Symposium. Hopefully, this year’s meeting will continue our tradition of excellence in aesthetic surgery education.

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